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COTIT is a service partner in the fashion industry that helps companies and brands with their clothing production and other crucial operational activities that comes along from preparational work to logistic solutions.

When we first started working with COTIT, their main focus was helping fashion starters-up build up their brand. For this target audience, they did a lot of work; they even helped with the business plan of the start-up and enabled them to sit back and relax while all the work is getting done.
And this is quite some work which the customer is not even aware of.
To name a few activities;
– A consult of minimum one hour where all needs and requirements are being identified.
– Collecting all data, such as drawings, fabrics, accessories, digital designs, and having them checked for approval.
– Making spec sheets, where all data is specified in details with size charts and fabric compositions, measurements, patterns, etc.
– Staying in contact with the manufacturer to make sure everything will be discussed and scheduled.
– Arrange logistics activities, for shipment and other customs preparations.
– Sampling products and re-designing flaws to make sure that everything will be made as the customer wishes.

The conclusion they would spend about 30 hours net. For only € 500,- euro. That’s an hourly rate of € 16,66, That is far too less to sustain a healthy company.
COTIT its reason for this price was that they assumed that the start-up would do more production with them and they would help them to become successful, which is of course very noble but not very realistic, considering that about 90% of all startups fail. That means that only 10% of their customers would need to recover the income. And knowing that most of the startup businesses are making significant growth jumps just after 3 – 5 years. You can imagine that a new Sales Strategy is needed to make COTIT healthy again.

So what did ITSY. do to help them?

Well, we saw the potential of COTIT as they have a unique type of business. There are not a lot of companies that have a similar business model. COTIT has partnerships with manufacturers all over the planet and has a variety of knowledge and skills which enables them to do absolutely everything for their customer. But doing everything ends up at doing nothing at all in terms of growth and stability of the business, and this happened for COTIT.

So we re-structured their Sales and Marketing process and made sure that the focus is spread over different target audience while keeping the vision intact. We made sure that COTIT could also attract professional customer which make life easier and will generate more income, so they can still help startups without hurting the finance.
Also, we advised increasing the Startup costs with 500 – 700% to make sure COTIT will only help the startups that are serious about their business and will do everything to earn back their initial investment which ensures work only with startups that are daring to take a risk, and so the chance for failure decreases.
A lot of services that COTIT offered where not focused on the core business, so we also advised to decrease the service portfolio without hurting the customer experience.
ITSY. has restyled the logo, corporate identity, and web design, to a more professional look so that they will attract more professional companies.
To make sure that they keep attracting business from the targeted audience we are training one of their employees to get along with SEO, and Google Search console and running ads, so they will not be dependant on ITSY. We have discussed already future projects since the results are positive and offer perspective.

check out their website to see our work https://cotit.eu

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