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meer revenue

Type of services

Much is possible within the commercial strategy, so it is crucial to that you create focus to find out what works best.



Proces Design

A smooth process enables clarity and overview from the first contact with the prospect to the final delivery. A great design supports working focused and therefore increases more capacity and sales.




Direct Sales

Account managers and other sales employees are expensive people, that’s why it is essential that the salespeople are empowered and are working effectively towards generating more business.




Indirect Sales

There is nothing more fun than earning money together. Establish strategic partner channels to generate more business and increase awareness in new segments. Partners help each other out.



Social Media

Social media is a powerful medium that put feelings behind messages. Finding a balanced social media strategy is a big challenge. Many parties pay too much or too little attention to get this right.


Brand awareness

Online Marketing

The marketing strategy approach has many different ways. Finding the right option takes a matter of experience and knowledge. A creative approach makes sure you will stand out.



Lead Generation

An essential part to keep the commercial engine running. Without leads, the chance to win deals are minimal. Know your target group and be aware of their whereabouts, so you will be able to approach them.


Other services